• Determination of compliance degree with environmental provisions applicable to service and industrial companies
  • Performing environmental audits and coordination of the technical part of corresponding environmental assessment
  • Legal services in matters of protection and restoration of natural resources, as well as species of wild flora and fauna, biotechnology and biosafety
  • Legal advisory in the defense against acts of federal, state, and municipal environmental authorities, as well as in national and international arbitration proceedings and in the compliance with international conventions and treaties in environmental matters
  • Representation before environmental authorities for the preparation, presentation, and obtaining of concessions, authorizations, licenses, registries, and permits in environmental matters
  • Advisory in the formulation and coordination of proposals of environmental regulations and laws, modification projects to the same, as well as the design of regulatory schemes and corporate and financial structures in which financial bodies and entities, national and foreign, participate
  • Advisory to prevent environmental liabilities and attend to inspections, resolutions, sanctions, fines, closures, as well as corrective measures, of urgent application and security ordered by federal, state, and municipal environmental authorities
  • Preparation and processing of administrative appeals and other means of recourse, including amparo, in regards to resolutions and acts of environmental authorities, related to the imposition of fines, closures and measures for the inadequate handling of hazardous wastes or materials, water supply and disposal of waste water, emissions to the atmosphere, environmental risk and impact, among others
  • Attention and advisory in relation to the services that the office provides in environmental matters, including the representation before the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, the Federal Agency of Protection to the Environment, the National Water Commission, the Federal Court of Administrative and Tax Justice, the Federal Judicial Branch, as well as state and municipal authorities, and in international and national arbitration procedures
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