Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

  • Search of records and provision of opinions regarding brands, commercial advertisements, inventions, copyrights and domain names
  • Preparation, presentation, and maintenance of all kinds of intellectual property rights, not only national but also international, including patents, industrial designs, copyrights, domain names, brands, and commercial advertisements
  • Analysis in order to determine the status of technique and patentability of inventions, including advisory in relation to biomedical investigations, biotechnology, and aspects related to health
  • Development of strategies to protect intellectual property rights, including those designed to prevent and stop the sale and distribution of false merchandise, as well as other acts of unfair competition
  • Protection of computer programs, as well as literary, musical, cinematographic, educative, scientific, technical works, radio and television programs
  • Protection of confidential information and industrial secrets, including advisory for the protection of this kind of information in work relationships
  • Preparation of license contracts and structuring of technology transfers, technical assistance, and payment of royalties, providing advisory in matters of taxes related to these activities
  • Handling of litigations in matters of intellectual property before courts and administrative authorities, including civil and criminal actions
  • Process of Alternative Controversy Resolution, including advisory in arbitrations related to intellectual property rights
  • Performing audits in relation to intellectual property assets
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