We perform labor audits in which we check each and every element indicated by the Federal Labor Law as mandatory for the correct performance of the Mexican company, in this way fulfilling with the labor obligations of the company and creating the legal instruments necessary to successfully face or, if it is the case, diminish the risk of any possible labor litigation. During a labor audit, the following elements are analyzed:

  • Records of the company
  • Labor relationships, work of pregnant women, minors, and foreigners
  • Salaries
  • Work schedule
  • Individual labor agreement
  • Collective bargaining agreement
  • Union relationships
  • Social security
  • INFONAVIT (National Fund for Workers’ Housing)
  • FONACOT (National Fund for Workers’ Expenditures)
  • Mixed Commission of Education and Training
  • Mixed Commission of Security and Hygiene
  • Internal Program of Civil Protection
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