About Us

About Us

We are a law firm whose business is founded on the principles of ethics, quality and excellence to provide legal advice to companies and individuals. Our team of professionals remains in continuous professional training and human committed to customer satisfaction.

For our team the most important is customer satisfaction, we serve both multinational companies and traders or people with local businesses in the areas where we have offices or bureaus like Monterrey in Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Mexico City, among other cities of the Mexican Republic, our goal is to 100% meet the expectations of our constituents. Among our clients we can mention companies like Protexa Group, Gas Natural Mexico, Editorial Porrua, Tecnogas, Petro Group Fe, Mexico American Southwire, Iga Wollin of Mexico, Hold Asociados; Business Chambers as Coparmex and Canirac in which we assist as advisors in various areas of all its corporation. In the same way we look at people whose activities require specialized legal advice.

Our experience, ongoing training of our members, knowledge of our environment and the strong relationships that the firm has established with public entities allows us to offer advice and services of the highest quality.


We advise our clients with trained and qualified personnel, which assists in an objective and independent method to the client´s business to expose management problems, analyze, recommend solutions to these problems and contribute, if we are required to implement solutions, creating instruments that the law on the subject if set as required for the proper functioning of businesses, and to avoid disputes or deal with them well positioned to obtain better results when entering any litigation.


We create and develop the strategies to defend the interests of our constituents in each of the practice areas of our firm, we take care litigation in the State of Nuevo Leon, Mexico City, and several cities in the Mexican Republic, in the Civil Local Courts, commercial, administrative and Local Boards of Conciliation and Arbitration. We serve federal administrative disputes and Judgments in the Federal Judiciary and if necessary in the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

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